Carolyn Gatzke - Parent Coach and Educator

Carolyn Gatzke
Parent Coach
M.A., Human Development

Carolyn Gatzke began her education in child development many years ago when she enrolled at Long Beach City College. That education culminated in a Master of Arts degree from Pacific Oaks College in 1999, with a specialization in early childhood education and an emphasis in leadership.

Carolyn taught preschoolers In parent participation programs for eight years where she focused on the development of the “whole child.” She also worked with toddlers at high risk and developed and coordinated a childcare resource service for CalWorks (California’s Welfare-to-Work program) through Long Beach City College.

However, it was not Carolyn’s formal education or love of children and teaching that led her to a career as a parenting coach; it was the incredible joy she experienced raising her own daughter, now an adult, and her belief that joyful, effective, parenting is a possibility for every family and a benefit to every child.