The Recipe for Pixie Dust

One of the parents I work with calls me to ask for pixie dust when she is facing a challenge with her kids. This mom maintains that every time we speak her kids behavior improves before she implements any of the recommended approaches. I love that she thinks I am magical. Trouble is it’s not [...]

Hockey, Lies and $50,000

The story of the $50,000 hockey shot interests me. If you haven’t heard about it, here it is in a nutshell. Eleven-year-old twin brothers attend a charity hockey event with their dad. At halftime, one of the brother’s names is called to attempt a near impossible hockey shot (three inch puck, 3 ½ inch goal [...]

Frenemy: The Garden-Variety Bully

Many parents envision bullies as kids who lurk around corners and grab children’s lunch money, jeer them in the cafeteria or embarrass them online. We’ve heard the tragic story of Phoebe Prince, and others like her, who took their own lives in the face of extreme harassment. Parents, teachers, and administrators need to get involved [...]

This, That, and the Other Law

My friend Audrey and I had babies four months apart.  Our first-borns are now twenty-three.  Audrey went on to have a second and third born.  That choice was made naively, having never previously taught a child to drive.  Fortunately, I was blessed with infertility so I avoided a second-go-round with driver’s training. Audrey’s second-born turned [...]

Talking to Kids About Osama Bin Laden

Today, the death of Osama Bin Laden dominates our news outlets.  Isolating children from the conversation is almost impossible.  Avoiding your children’s questions will be equally as difficult.Here are some thoughts on talking to young children and provide a basis for conversation with older children.“Osama Bin Laden was a man who hurt people that didn’t [...]

Girls Don’t Have to be Good or Nice

As I listened to Rosalind Wiseman this morning on the Today Show, I felt grateful for her wisdom, and sadness that she was not around when I was a kid.  Her book, Queen Bees and Wannabees validated the pain of my youth and the updated version of her book will help you help your daughter [...]

Abandoning My Fear and Blogging

I am a woman who makes good on her commitments to others.  I keep my appointments.  I am timely.  I reliably write a weekly blog post for  However, when it comes to keeping commitments to myself, I cannot be counted on.  That is why my eating habits are poor, my exercise regime is non-existent, [...]