Are Health and Safety Non-Negotiable for You, Too

Today, I realized that the “health and safety are non-negotiable,” mantra I preach to parents regarding their children should also apply to adults, myself included. So, I want to know, do you consider regular check-ups, keeping up with medications, eating (reasonably) well, getting regular exercise, allowing for downtime and other mental health boosters as necessities [...]

The Recipe for Pixie Dust

One of the parents I work with calls me to ask for pixie dust when she is facing a challenge with her kids. This mom maintains that every time we speak her kids behavior improves before she implements any of the recommended approaches. I love that she thinks I am magical. Trouble is it’s not [...]

Hockey, Lies and $50,000

The story of the $50,000 hockey shot interests me. If you haven’t heard about it, here it is in a nutshell. Eleven-year-old twin brothers attend a charity hockey event with their dad. At halftime, one of the brother’s names is called to attempt a near impossible hockey shot (three inch puck, 3 ½ inch goal [...]

Dine Out Successfully with Kids

Remember the days of dining out with just adults; laughter, conversation, lingering over dessert and coffee? Once baby hits the scene, or maybe more accurately, toddler, leisurely dinners often become a distant memory. And, although the “leisurely” part of the meal may be too much to ask, a pleasant meal out as a family does [...]

A Bedtime Question from a Reader

I have a question for your page! This stems from my casual observations not science, but it is something that interests me. I feel that in the past decade or two, for the first time in history, children are going to bed and waking up at the same times as their parents. This may seem [...]

Frenemy: The Garden-Variety Bully

Many parents envision bullies as kids who lurk around corners and grab children’s lunch money, jeer them in the cafeteria or embarrass them online. We’ve heard the tragic story of Phoebe Prince, and others like her, who took their own lives in the face of extreme harassment. Parents, teachers, and administrators need to get involved [...]

Stop and Look, but Listen?

Summer has officially begun in communities around the country. Bicycle and foot traffic will increase as children excitedly head toward various activities and outings. This is a reminder to parents of kids on foot and bikes that the “listen” part of the old safety adage “stop, look and listen” is no longer reliable. I drive [...]