Why would I choose to meet with you in our home instead of in your office?

Home visits allow for observation of you and your child in your family environment, which sometimes reveals stumbling blocks that might not be apparent with an in-office session.

If I come to your office, do I bring my children?

Definitely, not on the first visit – this is the time for us to evaluate the struggles you are having and agree on what approach is best for your family.  Once an approach is agreed on and a plan is in place, it is sometimes beneficial to include older children.

What is the benefit of telephone consultation?

Consulting by phone allows me to serve families in any area of the country.  It also works for conversations from the office or car, and for parents who don’t have childcare or want to talk after the kids are asleep.

Are my sessions covered by insurance?

No.  I am a parent coach and child development specialist.  At this time, insurance companies do not provide benefits for coaching.

Are my sessions confidential?

I am committed to maintaining your privacy and will do all I can to preserve it. Because of my position as Coach, and not therapist, our communications may not be legally privileged. I will do everything possible to maintain your confidentiality, but I do so within the confines of existing California law, which does not recognize a privilege for Coaches and their clients.

Do you take evening appointments?

I do take a limited number of evening appointments.

Do you have childcare available?

No, I do not have a space where childcare is possible, but parents may bring babies under six months old, if necessary.