Make Your Parenting More Effective and Enjoyable

Parenting can present as many challenges as it does joys. A parent coach can provide quick, practical solutions to daily problems, assist in the development of long-term goals, and let you know how to combat behaviors that are “just developmental.” A little direction and a fresh perspective can, quickly, take you from struggle to celebration.

Private Coaching*

Get professional, personalized direction on issues and challenges specific to your child and family, by telephone, in-office, or in your home.

$125.00 hourly by phone or in-office


Gain insight from a professional eye focused on your child, at home or in the classroom.

$200.00 initial hour (includes follow-up appointment)**. Additional observation hours during same appointment billed at $100.00.

Parenting Courses and ongoing support available online

To book a class or get some additional help, contact Carolyn.

Professional Referrals

There are times when a child or family needs additional, clinical expertise. Referrals for professional services are available at no cost.

*Regrettably, insurance does not cover the cost of observation or coaching sessions.

**Additional cost may apply for travel beyond the Long Beach area