What Do People Think of Engage Parent Coaching & Education?

“I expected to find solutions to the challenges we were facing with our exuberant three year-old when we sought out your services. Heck, that’s what we were paying for right? What I didn’t expect was for them to take hold so quickly and to extend further than our immediate goal of getting our daughter “under control”.

Our counseling conversations with you provided tactical and practical application to OUR real life- you helped us customize action we could take that fit OUR individual child, in OUR specific day to day activities and within OUR own parenting goals. Nothing we could have gotten from reading a book- and what busy parent has time anyway?! Best of all, having my husband and me both on the calls brought us into sync once again. In the midst of the constant stress we were experiencing with parenting we began to blame one another. We debated the “right way” to do the job and it was taking a toll on our relationship.

Above all the most meaningful and priceless outcome of having skills to draw upon is a renewed and new found appreciation of our daughter as she is- with all her energy, passion, emotion, nuttiness, independence and spirit.”

SW and BW
Orange County

“Carolyn solved the sleep issues we were having with our toddler after we put her tips into play within just a few days. She offered more effective solutions after one phone conference than all the books and articles we had read in the past combined. His nap consistency and length has improved and he’s in bed at a consistent hour each night without protest. We have a MUCH
happier household thanks to her!”

Long Beach, CA

“Well, you are not full of s**t.”

– Father of an adolescent boy following a consultation

“When my son was 3 1/2, he started to have a very difficult time at pre-school. This was an unbelieveably stressful time for my husband and I as it was heart-breaking to see our little boy suffer so. We discussed our son’s fears and sadness with friends, family, and teachers but nothing seemed to help–this is where Carolyn stepped in. She provided us with insight and clarity into the experiences and difficulties he was having at school. I cried when I read her narrative description of my son’s day at school as it seemed as if she knew him from birth! She acted as a liason between the school and our family and suggested very feasible and simple adjustments to help my son enjoy preschool. Literally within days he was having fun again. I still use her suggestions daily when I am at home with my son–they work every time! I continue to be amazed at her clarity when it comes to children, their needs, and parenting skills. Whenever I talk to another parent who is going through a
difficult time with their child, I always suggest Carolyn. Motherhood is challenging but so is growing up and she helps to blend our needs and goals with those of our children. Thank you Carolyn!”

-A Long Beach Parent

“I have the utmost regard for Carolyn’s judgment, perspective, and compassion. She’s truly top notch.”

-Larry Garf, M.A., Professor, Pacific
Oaks College

“I am a high-school teacher with a six-year-old son. At the suggestion of a friend, I began attending Carolyn Gatzke’s parenting classes in the fall of 2006. In this short time, Carolyn has shed light on a number of hazy parenting situations I have encountered, from disciplining my son to answering his questions about death. Carolyn has remarkable intuition, grounded in love and common sense, and her suggestions always seem to be the right fit. I feel I have grown more patient and practical as a parent through my sessions with Carolyn.”

Julianne Beebe Smith

“Working with Carolyn in her adolescent coaching group is the ultimate “reality check”.  Through shared experiences, I’ve been able to put my own struggles with parenting my teenage child into perspective and, perhaps even more importantly, I’ve learned to see things from his perspective.  This perspective provides a context for our communication so that, when we do face difficult issues, I am in a much better position to listen, understand and help guide us to a mutually acceptable “solution” as opposed to a negative “consequence”.

J.H. – Long Beach

“After a couple of years of our son making some bad choices and getting into some trouble, I think, as parents, we lived in fear and we focused so much on what he did that was wrong, instead of seeing some of the things that were right. Everything becomes negative and incredibly stifling, therefore making it difficult to heal and rebuild the relationship. Carolyn helped to get us out of this cycle by reminding us to look at the whole child, not just on his past actions. It all seems very common sense, now, but when you’re caught up in the craziness of it all, you need someone as articulate and informed as Carolyn to help guide you through. We thank her.”

Parents of an adolescent

“Your class has been such a gift to me and my family. I’ve learned to better relate and more effectively communicate with my children which has translated into a happier home for all of us!

Words cannot express my gratitude.”

Long Beach, CA

“You were our “first” – the initial conversations started with you which gave us a feeling of hopefulness and control. We came away with strategies and asked ourselves difficult questions. You always seemed to have a logical, common sense approach that actually worked. We are grateful for your help.”

K.F., parent of an elementary school child
Los Alamitos, CA