The Recipe for Pixie Dust

One of the parents I work with calls me to ask for pixie dust when she is facing a challenge with her kids. This mom maintains that every time we speak her kids behavior improves before she implements any of the recommended approaches. I love that she thinks I am magical. Trouble is it’s not true. The magic lies in the parent herself.

Once she processes her problem, identifies its core, and crafts a response that feels natural and reasonable, her body language, words and tone align. Frustration, exhaustion and defeat are no longer on display. And, as though they have been sprinkled with a magical pixie dust, her kids change.

I don’t want to put myself out of the parent coaching business, but I’ll let you in on a secret; parents mix their own pixie dust. A dash of clarity, a bit of confidence, and a heap of “because” from your own garden is the perfect recipe for transformation.

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